perfluoroalkyl carboxylates and sulfonates and precursors in relation to dietary source tracers in the eggs of four species of gulls (larids) from breeding sites spanning atlantic to pacific the present study, we identified and examined the spatial trends, sources and dietary relationships of bioaccumulative perfluorinated sulfonate (pfsa; c(6), c(8), and c(10) chain lengths) and carboxylate (pfca; c(6) to c(15) chain lengths) contaminants, as well as precursor compounds including several perfluorinated sulfonamides, and fluorotelomer acids and alcohols, in individual eggs (collected in 2008) from four gull species [glaucous-winged (larus glaucescens), california (larus californi ...201121529948
polybrominated diphenyl ethers (pbdes) in seal populations from eastern and western canada: an assessment of the processes and factors controlling pbde distribution in seals.polybrominated diphenyl ether (pbde) concentrations were measured in the blubber of five mother-pup pairs of grey seals (halichoerus grypus) from sable island, nova scotia (ns) sampled in 1995 and in 20 harbour seals (phoca vitulina) from british columbia (bc) sampled in 1991-1992. concentrations in maternal grey seals from sable island averaged 112+/-55.2 ng/g lipid (mean+/-s.d.) and were over twice the concentrations measured in their pups; higher brominated pbdes showed a distinct decline in ...200818359511
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