diphyllobothriasis: update on human cases, foci, patterns and sources of human infections and future considerations.diphylobothriasis is a well documented disease of humans. on a world scale new infections are reported regularly, especially from russia and parts of japan. globally, new species have been discovered and the etiology of the disease may be changing. human infections appear to be in decline but it is not clear if the sources of infection are also in decline or if public health awareness has improved. in north america there has been a decline in human cases while in south america an increase in rep ...200112041607
the prevalence of antibodies against toxoplasma gondii in some ontario mammals.a survey of serum samples from mammals trapped in central ontario showed that many contained antibodies to toxoplasma gondii. the prevalence of infection as reflected by positive reactions in the sabin-feldman dye test appeared to be related to the type of diet of each species examined, and specifically, to the proportion of rodents in the diet. of the fox blood samples tested, 84% were positive. the percentage of positive samples diminished through, coyote, mink, bear, fisher skunk, raccoon, ma ...197616498870
spatio-temporal analysis of pneumonia and influenza hospitalizations in ontario, canada.pneumonia and influenza represent a significant public health and health care system burden that is expected to increase with the aging of developed nations' populations. the burden of these illnesses is far from uniform however, with recent studies showing that they are both highly spatially and temporally variable. we have combined spatial and time-series analysis techniques to examine pneumonia and influenza hospitalizations in the province of ontario, canada, to determine how temporal patter ...200818686268
sylvatic trichinosis in ontario, canada.samples of muscle from 4,773 specimens of 18 species of wild mammals from ontario were examined for trichinella. one of 12 mink (mustela vison), 83 of 1,821 fisher (martes pennanti) and 68 of 1,980 marten (martes americana) had t. spiralis. prevalences of infections by trichinella were determined for fisher and marten from the algonquin region, over a 10-yr period. prevalences ranged from 0.9-9.2% in fisher and 1.3-8.7% in marten indicating that the parasite is well-established in the region. pr ...19863951060
sex-specific graphs: relating group-specific topology to demographic and landscape genetic structure is a commonly observed pattern among vertebrate species. facing differential selective pressures, individuals may adopt sex-specific life history traits that ultimately shape genetic variation among populations. although differential dispersal dynamics are commonly detected in the literature, few studies have used genetic structure to investigate sex-specific functional connectivity. the recent use of graph theoretic approaches in landscape genetics has demonstrate ...201728488269
inferior survival among aboriginal children with cancer in ontario.pediatric cancer distribution and outcomes have not been examined in canadian aboriginal children. the objective of this study was to describe the distribution, event-free survival, and overall survival of aboriginal children with malignancies who reside in ontario compared with non-aboriginal children.201424824592
malignant hyperthermia in canada: characteristics of index anesthetics in 129 malignant hyperthermia susceptible probands.between 1992 and 2011, 373 canadian individuals with adverse anesthetic reaction were referred to the malignant hyperthermia unit in toronto, ontario, canada for malignant hyperthermia (mh) diagnostic testing. we analyzed the epidemiologic characteristics of the index adverse anesthetics for those probands who were confirmed to be mh susceptible.201423842196
are gambling related cognitions in adolescence multidimensional?: factor structure of the gambling related cognitions scale.the present study examined the factor structure of the gambling related cognitions scale (grcs); (raylu and oei in addiction 99:757-769, 2004) in a large sample of adolescents (n = 1,490) between the ages of 16 and 18 years (630 males, 860 females) attending several high schools in central ontario. problem gambling was measured using the dsm-iv-j (fisher in j gambl stud 8:263-285, 1992). a 5-factor grcs model was found to have the best fit to the data, and gambling-related cognitions were found ...201423430450
blood mercury levels among ontario anglers and sport-fish eaters.we conducted two surveys of ontario (canada) fishers: a stratified sample of licensed anglers in two lake ontario communities (anglers, n=232) and a shore and community-based sample in five great lakes' areas of concern (aoc eaters, n=86). among the 176 anglers consuming their catch, the median number of sport-fish meals/year was 34.2 meals and 10.9, respectively, in two communities, with a mean blood total mercury level among these sport-fish consumers of 2.8 microg/l. the vast majority of fish ...200415220065
organochlorine insecticide and polychlorinated biphenyl residues in martens and fishers from the algonquin region of south-central ontario. 19911903314
metastrongyles (nematoda: metastrongyloidea) of fisher (martes pennanti) from ontario. 1976949653
a population based time series analysis of asthma hospitalisations in ontario, canada: 1988 to 2000.asthma is a common yet incompletely understood health problem associated with a high morbidity burden. a wide variety of seasonally variable environmental stimuli such as viruses and air pollution are believed to influence asthma morbidity. this study set out to examine the seasonal patterns of asthma hospitalisations in relation to age and gender for the province of ontario over a period of 12 years.200111580873
diagnostic imaging in ontario, between 1993 and 2003, the annual number of mri scans performed increased by more than 600 percent (iron et al. 2003), and the number of ct scans increased threefold (tu et al. 2005). despite these massive increases, the fraser institute reported a median wait of five weeks for ct and thirteen weeks for mri scanning in 2004 (esmail and walker 2004), and canadians are increasingly concerned about the length of time they wait for diagnostic imaging. because of this, politicians have ma ...200516288163
seasonality of service provision in hip and knee surgery: a possible contributor to waiting times? a time series analysis.the question of how best to reduce waiting times for health care, particularly surgical procedures such as hip and knee replacements is among the most pressing concern of the canadian health care system. the objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that significant seasonal variation exists in the performance of hip and knee replacement surgery in the province of ontario.200616509992
epithelial ovarian cancer surgical staging by ontario gynaecologic surgeons: is there a gap between current practice and the canadian clinical practice guidelines?by determining, through self-report, ontario gynaecologic surgeons' practices regarding surgical staging for epithelial ovarian cancer, this study aimed to quantify the gap between current practice and the ideal practice of surgical staging for ovarian cancer, as defined by the corresponding canadian clinical practice guidelines.200717714619
sexual identity and sexual well-being in female heterosexual university students.sexual identity has generally been studied with a focus on sexual orientation and has not incorporated a general identity framework. low levels of identity exploration and commitment have been shown to predict poor well-being in adolescents, but the relationship between sexual identity and sexual well-being has not been examined. the current cross-sectional survey was administered to 293 heterosexual female undergraduate students from a mid-sized university in ontario, canada. participants compl ...201019330438
incidence, morbidity, and mortality of terson syndrome in hamilton, ontario.evaluate the incidence, neurologic morbidity, and mortality of patients with terson syndrome.201425373806
antimicrobial susceptibility among clinical nocardia species identified by multilocus sequence analysis.antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of 112 clinical isolates, 28 type strains, and 9 reference strains of nocardia were determined using the sensititre rapmyco microdilution panel (thermo fisher, inc.). isolates were identified by highly discriminatory multilocus sequence analysis and were chosen to represent the diversity of species recovered from clinical specimens in ontario, canada. susceptibility to the most commonly used drug, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, was observed in 97% of isolate ...201525348540
does hpv type affect outcome in oropharyngeal cancer?an epidemic of human papillomavirus (hpv)-related oropharyngeal squamous cell cancer (opscc) has been reported worldwide largely due to oral infection with hpv type-16, which is responsible for approximately 90% of hpv-positive cases. the purpose of this study was to determine the rate of hpv-positive oropharyngeal cancer in southwestern ontario, canada.201323663293
using a genetic network to parameterize a landscape resistance surface for fishers, martes pennanti.knowledge of dispersal-related gene flow is important for addressing many basic and applied questions in ecology and evolution. we used landscape genetics to understand the recovery of a recently expanded population of fishers (martes pennanti) in ontario, canada. an important focus of landscape genetics is modelling the effects of landscape features on gene flow. most often resistance surfaces in landscape genetic studies are built a priori based upon nongenetic field data or expert opinion. th ...201121883589
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