crosstalk: public cafés as places for knowledge translation concerning health care research.this article explores the use of public cafés as a model for knowledge translation and community engagement. we base our discussion on a public café series organized around the theme of access to health care and held in three neighborhoods in the lower mainland of british columbia, canada. the cafés were part of the canadian institutes of health research café scientifique program. our purposes for this series of cafés were threefold: (a) to provide a site of communication to connect research wit ...201524992638
estimation of the costs of acute gastrointestinal illness in british columbia, canada.the costs associated with gastrointestinal infection (gi) in the province of british columbia, canada, were estimated using data from a population-based survey in three health service delivery areas, namely vancouver, east kootenay and northern interior. the number of cases of disease, consequent expenditure of resources and associated economic costs were modeled as probability distributions in a stochastic model. using 2004 prices, the estimated mean annual cost per capita of gastrointestinal i ...200818649966
excess economic burden of comorbidities in copd: a 15-year population-based study.a better understanding of the true burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) needs to consider the implications of comorbidities. this study comprehensively examined the impact of comorbidities on excess direct medical costs in copd patients.from health administrative data in british columbia, canada (1996-2012), we created a propensity-score-matched cohort of incident copd patients and individuals without copd. health services use records were compiled into 16 major disease categor ...201728751416
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