angler numerical response across landscapes and the collapse of freshwater fisheries.recreational angling opportunities in lakes are distributed across landscapes and attract anglers based on the combination of angling quality, travel distance, and availability of facilities. the relationship between angler density and fishing quality, as measured by catch rate, represents a numerical response that is analogous to a predator numerical response to variability in prey abundance. we quantified this numerical response of anglers to rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss, populations dis ...200818536261
recreational anglers' attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to catch-and-release practices of pacific salmon in british columbia.the fate of captured and released fish in recreational fisheries depends in large part on fisher handling and behavior. as such, there is a need for promoting adoption of responsible fishing practices. we interviewed recreational sockeye salmon anglers in the lower fraser river, british columbia, to assess their awareness of responsible fishing practices and identify gaps where improved education could promote conservation-oriented behaviors. based on our interview data, we developed three laten ...201323872215
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