profilicollis botulus (van cleave, 1916) from diving ducks and shore crabs of british columbia.adults of profilicollis botulus were found in 6 species of diving ducks in british columbia including 3 new hosts: common goldeneye, bucephala clangula (l.); barrow's goldeneye, b. islandica (gmelin); and greater scaup, aythya marila (l.). the identification of the species was verified by the examination of co-types and specimens from eider ducks, somateria mollissima (l.), from scotland and oldsquaw, clangula hyemalis (l.), from new brunswick. cystacanths from the hairy shore crab, hemigrapsus ...19892918442
spatial variation in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure in barrow's goldeneye (bucephala islandica) in coastal british columbia.barrow's goldeneyes are sea ducks that winter throughout coastal british columbia (bc). their diet consists primarily of intertidal blue mussels, which can accumulate pahs; accordingly, goldeneyes may be susceptible to exposure through contaminated prey. in 2014/15, we examined total pah concentrations in mussels from undeveloped and developed coastal areas of bc. at those same sites, we used erod to measure hepatic cyp1a induction in goldeneyes. we found higher mussel pah concentrations at deve ...201728238486
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