measuring availability, affordability and management of essential medicines in public hospitals of burkina burkina faso, improving healthcare services and the availability of pharmaceutical products constitute a growing concern for the population. this study objective was to evaluate the availability, prices, and sales revenue for a grouping of 50 basic medications in public hospitals from 29 september-29 december 2009. the method used to study the prices, availability, affordability and price components from health action international (hai) and the world health organization (who) has been used t ...201121675631
reducing the medical cost of deliveries in burkina faso is good for everyone, including the poor.since 2007, burkina faso has subsidized 80% of the costs of child birth. women are required to pay 20% (900 f cfa = 1.4 euros), except for the indigent, who are supposed to be exempted. the objective of the policy is to increase service utilization and reduce costs for households. we analyze the efficacy of the policy and the distribution of its benefits.the study was carried out in ouargaye district. the analysis was based on two distinct cross-sectional household surveys, conducted before (200 ...201222427956
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