genetic differentiation in the stingless bee, scaptotrigona xanthotricha moure, 1950 (apidae, meliponini): a species with wide geographic distribution in the atlantic rainforest.stingless bees are important pollinators that are severely threatened by anthropic interference, resulting in a strong population decline. scaptotrigona xanthotricha has a wide distribution in the atlantic rainforest, ranging from the northeastern state of bahia to santa catarina in southern brazil. to understand the genetic structure of s. xanthotricha, 12 species-specific microsatellite loci were analyzed in 42 colonies sampled throughout the species range. the results indicated 5 distinct clu ...201724829365
communities of social bees (apidae: meliponini) in trap-nests: the spatial dynamics of reproduction in an area of atlantic most stingless bee species depend on preexisting cavities, principally tree hollows, nesting site availability may represent an important restriction in the structuring of their forest communities. the present study examined the spatial dynamics of stingless bee communities in an area of atlantic forest by evaluating their swarming to trap-nests. the field work was performed in the michelin ecological reserve (mer) on the southeastern coast of the state of bahia, brazil. seven hundred and twe ...201427193808
genetic variability in melipona scutellaris from recôncavo, bahia, brazil.bees play a key role in pollination and thereby help maintain plant diversity. the stingless bee melipona scutellaris is an important pollinator in northeastern brazil because it is endemic to this region. both deforestation and timber harvesting have reduced the nesting sites for this species, thus reducing its population and range. genetic studies may help reverse this process by providing important tools for their proper management with a view to conservation of this species. microsatellite m ...201324065683
mitochondrial genome differences between the stingless bees melipona rufiventris and melipona mondury (apidae: meliponini).within the meliponini, a widely distributed group of stingless bees, melipona rufiventris has been considered as a single, cohesive species. recently, analysis of morphological characters led to the splitting of this species into two species, m. mondury and m. rufiventris. the former occurs in the atlantic rain forest ranging from santa catarina to bahia states, while the latter is found in other parts of brazil. we used pcr + rflp to identify genetic marker patterns of the mtdna between these s ...200717278085
microbiological assessment, nutritional characterization and phenolic compounds of bee pollen from mellipona mandacaia smith, 1983.this study aims to assess the microbiological parameters and the chemical composition of 21 samples of stingless bee pollen (melipona mandacaia) from two regions of bahia, brazil (joão dourado and uibaí), with particular emphasis on the nutritional value, total phenols and flavonoids and fatty acids composition. regarding the microbiological quality, the studied microorganisms (moulds and yeasts, coliforms, escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella sp., psychrotrophic and sulfite-reduc ...201526205048
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