neotropical monogenoidea. 57. revision and phylogenetic position of scleroductus jara & cone, 1989 (gyrodactylidae), with descriptions of new species from the guatemalan chulin rhamdia guatemalensis (günther) (siluriformes: heptapteridae) in mexico and the barred sorubim pseudoplatystoma fasciatum (linnaeus) (siluriformes: pimelodidae) in brazil.the diagnosis of scleroductus jara & cone, 1989 (gyrodactylidae) is amended to include viviparous species having a large spine associated with the ejaculatory duct within the male copulatory organ, two band-like projections originating from the posterior margin of the superficial bar and hooks evenly distributed along the haptoral margins. two new species of scleroductus are described from the external surfaces of siluriform fishes of mexico and brazil: scleroductus lyrocleithrum n. sp. from the ...201323263939
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