trypanosoma (megatrypanum) lainsoni n. sp. from mesomys hispidus (rodentia: echimyidae) in brazil: trypomastigotes described from experimentally infected laboratory mice.we report the detection, isolation and description of trypanosoma (megatrypanum) lainsoni n. sp. from a caviomorph rodent, mesomys hispidus (rodentia: echimyidae), obtained in the rio negro region of the state of amazonas, in northern brazil. laboratory-bred white mice (mus musculus) and rats (rattus rattus) were inoculated with large numbers of culture forms by intraperitoneal route, and trypomastigotes appeared in their blood 3-8 days post-inoculation. one single epimastigote was also found in ...201324309069
leishmania in synanthropic rodents (rattus rattus): new evidence for the urbanization of leishmania (leishmania) amazonensis.this study aimed to detect parasites from leishmania genus, to determine the prevalence of anti-leishmania spp. antibodies, to identify circulating species of the parasite, and to determine epidemiological variables associated with infection in rats caught in urban area of londrina, paraná, brazil. animal capture was carried out from may to december 2006, serological and molecular methods were performed. dna was extracted from total blood, and nested-pcr, targeting ssu rrna from leishmania genus ...201728177041
calodium hepaticum (nematoda: capillariidae) in synanthropic rodents (rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus) in eastern amazonia.calodium hepaticum (syn. capillaria hepatica) is a trichurid nematode that parasitizes the hepatic parenchyma of rodents and other mammals. infections in humans are rare, although they have been reported worldwide. a number of factors contribute to the distribution of this zoonosis, particularly the presence of dense populations of rodents associated with relatively poor urban environments, such as those found in parts of the northern brazilian city of belém in the eastern amazon basin. this stu ...201323856730
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