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high accumulation of pcdd, pcdf, and pcb congeners in marine mammals from brazil: a serious pcb problem.blubber samples from three delphinid species (false killer whale, guiana and rough-toothed dolphin), as well as liver samples from franciscana dolphins were analyzed for dioxins and related compounds (drcs). samples were collected from 35 cetaceans stranded or incidentally captured in a highly industrialized and urbanized area (southeast and southern brazilian regions). dioxin-like pcbs accounted for over 83% of the total teq for all cetaceans. non-ortho coplanar pcbs, for franciscanas (82%), an ...201323827355
organochlorine compound accumulation in delphinids from rio de janeiro state, southeastern brazilian coast.the present study investigated organochlorine compound levels (pcbs, ddts and hcb) in blubber samples of six delphinid species from rio de janeiro state, southeastern brazilian coast. the species analyzed inhabit the continental shelf (one killer whale, one false killer whale, two bottlenose dolphins, three rough-toothed dolphins, and four long-beaked common dolphins) and open ocean (four fraser's dolphins). pcbs represented the greatest proportion of the sum of all measured organochlorines (fro ...201222771469
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