bat-species richness in the pantanal floodplain and its surrounding uplands.we studied the bat fauna of the pantanal floodplain and its surrounding plateaus in mato grosso do sul, brazil, based on the scientific collection at universidade anhanguera-uniderp and on the projeto morcegos do pantanal data bank at ufms, comprising 9,037 captures of 56 species recorded from 1994 to 2007. the pantanal surveys were carried out in the nhecolândia, aquidauana, miranda, and paraguai sub-regions; the uplands surveys took place in the maracaju, bodoquena, and urucum formations. bat ...201121537604
detection of leishmania spp. in bats from an area of brazil endemic for visceral leishmaniasis.the multihost parasites leishmania spp. infect a broad range of wild mammalian species including bats. several species of bats have adapted to a variety of food resources and shelters in urban areas. this study aimed to detect leishmania spp. dna in bats present in forest fragments located in metropolitan areas endemic for leishmaniasis in campo grande, mato grosso do sul (ms), brazil. blood samples were obtained from 80 individuals, including eight species of phyllostomidae and one species of v ...201728233434
leishmania (v.) braziliensis infecting bats from pantanal wetland, brazil: first records for platyrrhinus lineatus and artibeus the new world genus leishmania parasites are etiological agents of neglected zoonoses known as leishmaniasis. its epidemiology is very complex due to the participation of several species of sand fly vectors and mammalian hosts, and man is an accidental host. control is very difficult because of the different epidemiological patterns of transmission observed. studies about leishmania spp. infection in bats are so scarce, which represents a large gap in knowledge about the role of these animals ...201728502644
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