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[haemaphysalis juxtakochi cooley, 1946 (acari: ixodidae) parasitizing mazama nana (hensel, 1872) (artiodactyla: cervidae) in the state of rio grande do sul].the record of haemaphysalis juxtakochi cooley, an ixodid tick, on the brocket deer, mazama nana (hensel), represents a new report after 34 years of its last report in the state of rio grande do sul. the tick specimens (three males and one female) were found in cachoeira do sul, rs (30 degrees 02'21''s, 52 degrees 53'38''w). this place is elevated 72 m sea above, with an annual average temperature of 18.8 degrees c, and annual average rainfall of 1.438 mm. this is the first record of this tick sp ...200718078606
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