behavioral and environmental influences on fishing rewards and the outcomes of alternative management scenarios for large tropical rivers.identifying the factors that influence the amount of fish caught, and thus the fishers' income, is important for proposing or improving management plans. some of these factors influencing fishing rewards may be related to fishers' behavior, which is driven by economic motivations. therefore, those management rules that have less of an impact on fishers' income could achieve better acceptance and compliance from fishers. we analyzed the relative influence of environmental and socioeconomic factor ...201323764509
fishing effort and catch composition of urban market and rural villages in brazilian amazon.the management of small-scale freshwater fisheries in amazon has been based usually on surveys of urban markets, while fisheries of rural villages have gone unnoticed. we compared the fishing characteristics (catch, effort and selectivity) between an urban market and five small villages in the lower tocantins river (brazilian amazon), downstream from a large reservoir. we recorded 86 and 601 fish landings in the urban market and villages, respectively, using the same methodology. the urban fishe ...201121153639
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