anemia and functional capacity in elderly brazilian hospitalized patients.this study evaluated the association between anemia and physical functional capacity in a cross-sectional population-based sample of 709 hospitalized elderly patients aged 60 years and over admitted to the madre teresa hospital, belo horizonte, state of minas gerais, brazil. the mann-whitney or "t" test, and chi-square or fisher exact test were used for quantitative and categorical variables, respectively, and hierarchical binary logistic regression was used to identify significant predictors. t ...201323843000
intentionality of organ/tissues donation for transplantation within a brazilian hospital complex.considering the challenges faced by members of the intrahospital committee of organ and tissue donation for transplantation (cihdott) of a brazilian hospital complex in santa casa of belo horizonte in the execution of multiple donations of organs and tissues, this study aimed to investigate the issues involved in the intention to donate within this population. this research sought to promote the work of cihdott by planning strategies for conducting of family interviews to best meet the needs of ...201223026571
[city academy: a health promotion service in the healthcare network of the unified health system].this is an analysis of the health and nutritional profile of users of the unified health system admitted to a city academy in belo horizonte, minas gerais during a triennium. it is a cross-sectional study with users> 20 years and socio-demographic characteristics, health habits, food intake and anthropometrics were gathered. kolmogorov-smirnov tests, anova, kruskal-wallis test, chi-square and fisher exact test were applied. there was a high prevalence of hypertensive subjects (41.6%), overweight ...201323338500
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