[prevalence of human papillomavirus genotypes: comparison between three detection methods in patients of pernambuco, brazil].to compare three methods for the detection of hpv infection and to determine the prevalence of the genotypes found.201122231166
fishers' knowledge and seahorse conservation in brazil.from a conservationist perspective, seahorses are threatened fishes. concomitantly, from a socioeconomic perspective, they represent a source of income to many fishing communities in developing countries. an integration between these two views requires, among other things, the recognition that seahorse fishers have knowledge and abilities that can assist the implementation of conservation strategies and of management plans for seahorses and their habitats. this paper documents the knowledge held ...200516336660
ethnoichthyology of the indigenous truká people, northeast brazil.historically, fishing is an important activity for riverine communities established along the são francisco river, including indigenous communities. in the present study, we researched fishing activities in two villages of the truká ethnic group, both located in the state of pernambuco along the sub-middle section of the são francisco river, northeast brazil. we recorded the richness and uses of the fished species and the ecological knowledge on these species, the fishing techniques employed and ...201626739346
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