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ethnobiology of snappers (lutjanidae): target species and suggestions for this study, we sought to investigate the biology (diet and reproduction) and ethnobiology (fishers knowledge and fishing spots used to catch snappers) of five species of snappers (lutjanidae), including lutjanus analis, lutjanus synagris, lutjanus vivanus, ocyurus chrysurus, and romboplites saliens at five sites along the northeast (riacho doce, maceió in alagoas state, and porto do sauípe, entre rios at bahia state) and the southeast (se) brazilian coast (paraty and rio de janeiro cities at ...201121410969
postnatal and postabortion care during adolescence in the national health system in rio de janeiro, study postnatal and postabortion outpatient care for adolescents in relation to the guidelines of the brazilian ministry of health.201424825499
a bayesian hierarchical model for estimation of abundance and spatial density of aedes aegypti.strategies to minimize dengue transmission commonly rely on vector control, which aims to maintain ae. aegypti density below a theoretical threshold. mosquito abundance is traditionally estimated from mark-release-recapture (mrr) experiments, which lack proper analysis regarding accurate vector spatial distribution and population density. recently proposed strategies to control vector-borne diseases involve replacing the susceptible wild population by genetically modified individuals' refractory ...201525906323
five new species, one new genus, two synonymies, and new distributional records in cerambycidae (coleoptera).five new species, and one new genus of cerambycidae are described: drycothaea vulcanica sp. nov. (calliini), from ecuador (holotype male deposited in amnh: napo, 29.x.1988, j.s. miller leg.); perissomerus machadoi sp. nov. (neoibidionini), from paraguay (holotype male deposited in mzsp: alto paraguay, 30.xi.2002, di iorio leg.); cacostola carinata sp. nov. (onciderini), from brazil (holotype female deposited in mzsp: rio grande do norte, ix.2008, d.r.r. fernandes et al. leg.); ypomacena gen. nov ...201627395982
two new species of epimelitta bates from brazil and a new synonymy in <br />stenopseustes bates (coleoptera, cerambycidae, cerambycinae, rhinotragini).two new species of epimelitta (cerambycidae: cerambycinae: rhinotragini) are described from brazil: e. prodigiosa sp. nov., from espírito santo, rio de janeiro and são paulo and e. penicillata sp. nov., from santa catarina and rio grande do sul. the larva and pupa of e. prodigiosa sp. nov. are also described and illustrated. stenopseustes gibbicollis fisher, 1947 is synonymized with s. aeger bates, 1873.201627394236
marine protected area and the spatial distribution of the gill net fishery in copacabana, rio de janeiro, rj, brazil.this study characterizes the gill net fishery at colônia de pescadores z13 (cpz13), in copacabana, rio de janeiro, and its relationship with the marine protected area 'monumento natural do arquipélago das ilhas cagarras - mona cagarras', describing the fleet and fishing gears, identifying fishing spots, species and their associations by gillnet type. from june 2012 to may 2013, every tuesday to sunday, gill net landings were monitored and fishers interviewed regarding their catch. small boats (d ...201626909618
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