five new species, one new genus, two synonymies, and new distributional records in cerambycidae (coleoptera).five new species, and one new genus of cerambycidae are described: drycothaea vulcanica sp. nov. (calliini), from ecuador (holotype male deposited in amnh: napo, 29.x.1988, j.s. miller leg.); perissomerus machadoi sp. nov. (neoibidionini), from paraguay (holotype male deposited in mzsp: alto paraguay, 30.xi.2002, di iorio leg.); cacostola carinata sp. nov. (onciderini), from brazil (holotype female deposited in mzsp: rio grande do norte, ix.2008, d.r.r. fernandes et al. leg.); ypomacena gen. nov ...201627395982
[sociodemographic, epidemiological and behavioral profile of women infected with htlv-1 in salvador, bahia, an endemic area for htlv].the objective was to describe the sociodemographic, epidemiological and behavioral characteristics of women infected with htlv-1 (64) and uninfected women (66) in salvador, bahia. the serological diagnosis was obtained via elisa, western blot and immunofluorescence. epidemiological and sociodemographic data were collected using a standardized questionnaire. the chi-squared or fisher test was used for categorical data and anova or kruskal-wallis (3 groups) and the t-test or mann-whitney (2 groups ...200717486251
local ecological knowledge of the artisanal fishers on epinephelus itajara (lichtenstein, 1822) (teleostei: epinephelidae) on ilhéus coast--bahia state, brazil.local ecological knowledge (lek) of traditional fishermen may be the only source of information regarding the conservation of the marine ecosystem and its endangered species. one of these species is epinephelus itajara, which can exceed 2 m in length and 400 kg weight, is classified by the iucn as a critically endangered. in brazil, there is currently a moratorium that prohibits the capture of this specie, and in the northeastern coast, a marine protected area was recently established properly j ...201424965849
shellfish from todos os santos bay, bahia, brazil: treat or threat?this study determined the concentrations of major and trace elements in shellfish (oysters, clams and mussels) and conducted an assessment of the health risks due to the consumption of contaminated seafood. samples were collected at 34 sites along todos os santos bay, brazil. the elements were determined by icp oes and hg by direct mercury analysis. relatively high concentrations of trace elements (as, zn, se and cu) were found in seafood tissues. potential daily intake of as, co, se, zn and cu ...201121803378
characterization of small-scale fisheries in the camamu-almada basin, southeast state of bahia, the camamu-almada basin, marine fishery is exclusively small-scale, with several structural deficiencies such as boats with low or absent navigational technology, lack of credit and low income. local fishers complain that shrimp and lobster trawling fishing is the main factor responsible for low stock abundance, but they still persist in these activities as these two species command the highest market prices. so they feel that the target species are already over-fished. we suggest that proper ...200819197488
ethnobiology of snappers (lutjanidae): target species and suggestions for this study, we sought to investigate the biology (diet and reproduction) and ethnobiology (fishers knowledge and fishing spots used to catch snappers) of five species of snappers (lutjanidae), including lutjanus analis, lutjanus synagris, lutjanus vivanus, ocyurus chrysurus, and romboplites saliens at five sites along the northeast (riacho doce, maceió in alagoas state, and porto do sauípe, entre rios at bahia state) and the southeast (se) brazilian coast (paraty and rio de janeiro cities at ...201121410969
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