tnf, ifng, il6, il10 and tgfb1 gene polymorphisms in south and southeast brazil.this study attempted to establish single nucleotide polymorphism frequencies of tnf, il6, ifng, il10 and tgfb1 genes among healthy individuals from south and southeast brazil. the sample included 108 healthy individuals from south and 106 from southeast brazil. polymerase chain reaction using sequence-specific primers genotyping was performed for these gene cytokines with cytokine genotyping primers (one lambda, canoga park, ca, usa). differences in genotypic and allelic frequencies between the ...200818680515
ethnicity and type 2 diabetes in rio de janeiro, brazil, with a review of the prevalence of the disease in what extent can ethnic factors contribute to the prevalence of type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance (igt) in an urban brazilian population? conversely, how can environmental factors such as diet change these prevalences in a given ethnic group, in this case brazilian indians? to answer these questions estimates of ethnic admixture in afro- and euro-brazilians from rio de janeiro, brazil, were established using eight genetic systems and compared with the prevalences of these conditio ...200212371680
interleukin-10 promoter haplotypes are differently distributed in the brazilian versus the dutch population.the frequency of five different single nucleotide polymorphisms of the promoter interleukin-10 (il-10) gene (-3575, -2849, 2763, -1082, -819) was compared between two healthy populations, one originating from the netherlands and one from rio de janeiro, brazil. a total of 321 caucasian dutch individuals and 293 brazilians, grouped as afro-brazilians and euro-brazilians, were genotyped using pcr-rflp. the frequencies of the genotypes in the brazilian population were different (p<0.05) from the fr ...200312671741
discovery of a novel mycobacterium tuberculosis lineage that is a major cause of tuberculosis in rio de janeiro, brazil.the current study evaluated mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from rio de janeiro, brazil, for genomic deletions. one locus in our panel of pcr targets failed to amplify in approximately 30% of strains. a single novel long sequence polymorphism (>26.3 kb) was characterized and designated rd(rio). homologous recombination between two similar protein-coding genes is proposed as the mechanism for deleting or modifying 10 genes, including two potentially immunogenic ppe proteins. the flanking regi ...200717898156
strain classification of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in brazil based on genotypes obtained by spoligotyping, mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit typing and the presence of large sequence and single nucleotide de janeiro is endemic for tuberculosis (tb) and presents the second largest prevalence of the disease in brazil. here, we present the bacterial population structure of 218 isolates of mycobacterium tuberculosis, derived from 186 patients that were diagnosed between january 2008 and december 2009. genotypes were generated by means of spoligotyping, 24 miru-vntr typing and presence of fbpc103, rdrio and rd174. the results confirmed earlier data that predominant genotypes in rio de janeiro are ...201425314118
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