seroprevalence of rickettsia spp. in equids and molecular detection of 'candidatus rickettsia amblyommii' in amblyomma cajennense sensu lato ticks from the pantanal region of mato grosso, brazil.the aim of the study was to evaluate exposure of equids to rickettsial agents (rickettsia rickettsii, rickettsia parkeri, 'candidatus rickettsia amblyommii', rickettsia rhipicephali, and rickettsia bellii) and rickettsial infection in ticks of a pantanal region of brazil. sera of 547 equids (500 horses and 47 donkeys) were evaluated by indirect immunofluorescence assay. in total, 665 adults and 106 nymphal pools of amblyomma cajennense f. sensu lato, 10 dermacentor nitens neumann ticks, and 88 l ...201426309313
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