toxoplasma gondii in domestic and wild animals from forest fragments of the municipality of natal, northeastern brazil.toxoplasmosis stands out as a global disease that has felines as definitive hosts. in the municipality of natal, rio grande do norte state, brazil, two parks are notable for their ecological and social importance. this study aimed to investigate the presence of toxoplasma gondii in short hair cats, bats and small non-volant mammals in these two ecological reserves. altogether, biological samples were obtained from 154 mammals, 92 wild animals from both areas and 62 domestic cats of the parque da ...201725517529
new records and human parasitism by ornithodoros mimon (acari: argasidae) in brazil.the bat tick ornithodoros mimon kohls, clifford & jones is currently known by only few reports in bolivia, uruguay, argentina, and the state of são paulo in southeastern brazil. here, we expand the distribution of o. mimon in brazil to the states of minas gerais (southeastern region), goiás (central-western), pernambuco, and rio grande do norte (northeastern). ticks were collected on human dwellings, where there had been repeated complains of tick bites on persons during the night. tick bites we ...201424605480
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