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effectiveness of spinosad bait sprays (gf-120) in controlling mango-infesting fruit flies (diptera: tephritidae) in benin.effectiveness of gf-120 (dow chemical) fruit fly bait containing the insecticide spinosad in controlling mango-infesting fruit flies (diptera: tephritidae) was assessed by comparing treated orchards with untreated orchards. twelve mango, mangifera indica l., plantations located in six villages (two similar orchards per village: one orchard treated and orchard untreated) scattered in the borgou department (northern benin) were monitored weekly with fly traps, and the fruit was sampled twice for l ...200919449630
seasonal abundance of mango fruit flies (diptera: tephritidae) and ecological implications for their management in mango and cashew orchards in benin (centre & north).we report the results of a large-scale (six orchards) and long-term (5-yr) study on seasonal population fluctuations of fruit flies (diptera tephritidae) in mango (2005-2009) and cashew (2007-2009) orchards in the borgou department, benin.during the five consecutive years of mango fruit fly monitoring, 25 tephritid species were captured including three species of bactrocera, 11 of ceratitis, and 11 of dacus, which is represented by 2,138,150 specimens in mango orchards. we observed significant d ...201526453710
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