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biochemical composition of some small indigenous fresh water fishes from the river mouri, khulna, bangladesh.biochemical composition of seven small indigenous fresh water fishes namely magur (clarias batrachus), shingi (heteropneustes fossilis), koi (anabas testudineus), foli (notopterus notopterus), royna (nandas nandas), taki (channa punctatus) and tangra (mystus vittatus) from the mouri river khulna, bangladesh was studied in order to evaluate their nutritional values. the mean value of protein, fat, moisture and ash content was found as 14.87 +/- 0.63, 7.90 +/- 1.91, 73.49 +/- 0.69 and 3.74 +/- 0.4 ...200719069978
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