plasma biochemical values of clinically-normal australian sea lions (neophoca cinerea).seventeen biochemical constituents were assayed in the blood plasma of clinically-normal australian sea lions (neophoca cinerea). the sea lions formed part of a breeding colony which inhabits the southern coast of kangaroo island, south australia. little variation was found in any of the values obtained from animals of different age and sex. the results were compared with values published for california sea lions (zalophus californianus), northern fur seals (callorhinus ursinus), harbor seals (p ...1979459034
donor cornea procurement: six-year review of the role of the eye bank in south australia.the lions eye bank of south australia was established six years ago and has collected corneas from 790 donors. the consent rate is currently 82% of requests made. two-thirds of donors have been male, with mean donor age/year varying from 54 to 64 years (range two to 93 years). cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, trauma and haemorrhage account for 80% of all donor deaths. mean death to enucleation time is five hours. corneas assessed as being of excellent or very good quality are released pr ...19902357362
haematology of the australian sea lion, neophoca cinerea.the haematology of the australian sea lion neophoca cinerea was studied in a breeding colony on kangaroo island, south australia. the methods used to catch and restrain the animals are described and the haematology of 38 animals of varying age and sex groups is recorded. total values for both erythrocytes and leucocytes were similar to those of other marine mammals and were in the ranges of 4.77 to 6.08 x 10(6) mm3 and 6.3 to 14.6 x 10(3) mm3, respectively. erythrocytes volumes were very large, ...19807373720
entanglement of australian sea lions and new zealand fur seals in lost fishing gear and other marine debris before and after government and industry attempts to reduce the recent years, australian governments and fishing industry associations have developed guiding principles aimed at reducing the impact of fishing on non-target species and the benthos and increasing community awareness of their efforts. to determine whether they reduced seal entanglement in lost fishing gear and other marine debris, we analysed australian sea lion and new zealand fur seal entanglement data collected from kangaroo island, south australia. contrary to our expectations, we found ...200415234872
ontogeny of diving behaviour in the australian sea lion: trials of adolescence in a late bloomer.1. foraging behaviours of the australian sea lion (neophoca cinerea) reflect an animal working hard to exploit benthic habitats. lactating females demonstrate almost continuous diving, maximize bottom time, exhibit elevated field metabolism and frequently exceed their calculated aerobic dive limit. given that larger animals have disproportionately greater diving capabilities, we wanted to examine how pups and juveniles forage successfully. 2. time/depth recorders were deployed on pups, juveniles ...200616637989
uncinaria sanguinis sp. n. (nematoda: ancylostomatidae) from the endangered australian sea lion, neophoca cinerea (carnivora: otariidae).this study investigates the identity of hookworms parasitising the australian sea lion, neophoca cinerea (péron), from three colonies in south australia, australia. the australian sea lion is at risk of extinction because its population is small and genetically fragmented. using morphological and molecular techniques, we describe a single novel species, uncinaria sanguinis sp. n. (nematoda: ancylostomatidae). the new species is most similar to hookworms also parasitic in otariid hosts, uncinaria ...201425065131
epidemiology of hookworm (uncinaria sanguinis) infection in free-ranging australian sea lion (neophoca cinerea) pups.understanding the fundamental factors influencing the epidemiology of wildlife disease is essential to determining the impact of disease on individual health and population dynamics. the host-pathogen-environment relationship of the endangered australian sea lion (neophoca cinerea) and the parasitic hookworm, uncinaria sanguinis, was investigated in neonatal pups during summer and winter breeding seasons at two biogeographically disparate colonies in south australia. the endemic occurrence of ho ...201425056940
minimum respiratory function for breath alcohol testing in south australia.the aim of this study was to determine if inability to complete a breath alcohol test successfully, using a lion alcolmeter sd-2 or drager alcotest 7110, was related to any of the standard parameters obtained from the lung function spirometry test. a total of 153 subjects referred to a clinical laboratory for routine lung function testing were tested using the alcolmeter, 158 using the alcotest, with 69 subjects completing tests on both instruments. of the 153 patients who volunteered to use the ...20131484281
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