antibiotic resistance in campylobacter jejuni isolated from humans in the hunter region, new south wales.campylobacter is a common cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in australia. antibiotic resistance among campylobacter is an emerging problem in europe and the united states of america. monitoring may detect emerging resistance. since there is no epidemiologically validated subtyping system for campylobacter, antimicrobial resistance patterns may prove useful as an epidemiological marker. campylobacter isolates from residents of the hunter region were differentiated by pcr into two categories: c. ...200312807280
conflict and impacts of divers and anglers in a marine park.the new south wales state government (australia) gazetted the jervis bay marine park (jbmp) in 1998. during the preparation of the draft zoning plan in 2000, societal data on two conflicting park user groups--recreational scuba divers and fishers (anglers)--was collected. while conflict resolution was a plan priority, other factors, such as cumulative environmental impacts of users and protection for the critically endangered grey nurse shark (carcharias taurus), further complicated planning. bo ...200415285398
clinical diagnosis and chemical confirmation of ciguatera fish poisoning in new south wales, australia.ciguatera fish poisoning is common in tropical and sub-tropical areas and larger fish (> 10 kg) are more susceptible to toxin accumulation with age. although the coastal climate of northern new south wales is considered sub-tropical, prior to 2014 there has only been 1 documented outbreak of ciguatera fish poisoning from fish caught in the region. during february and march 2014, 2 outbreaks of ciguatera fish poisoning involved 4 and 9 individuals, respectively, both following consumption of span ...201627080020
the role of evidence, standards and education in rock fishing safety in new south wales, examine rock fishing-related fatalities and hospitalisations, identify initiatives aimed at improving safety and survey key rock fishing stakeholders about the strengths and limitations of each initiative.201425169699
patterns of reflux in gastroesophageal reflux disease in pediatric population of new south wales.this study is to determine the association of ambulatory ph monitoring (24hr ph) with symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux and its other investigations. the clinical and epidemiological profiles of subjects referred for reflux disorders are also studied. symptoms or group of symptoms, profiles and prior investigations of 1259 consecutive pediatric subjects (with 1332 24hr ph studies performed) referred for evaluation of reflux disorders between 1988 and 2012 were retrospectively studied. chi-squa ...201727868292
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