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dactylogyrids (monogenoidea: polyonchoinea) parasitising the gills of snappers (perciformes: lutjanidae): species of euryhaliotrema kritsky & boeger, 2002 from the golden snapper lutjanus johnii (bloch) off northern australia, with a redescription of euryhaliotrema johni (tripathi, 1959) and descriptions of two new species.three species of euryhaliotrema kritsky & boeger, 2002 (monogenoidea: dactylogyridae) were collected from the gills of four golden snapper lutjanus johnii (bloch) (lutjanidae) from the marine and brackish waters off darwin, northern territory, australia. type-specimens of ancyrocephalus johni tripathi, 1959 apparently have not survived and the possibility existed that the species was based on specimens representing more than one species. euryhaliotrema johni (tripathi, 1959) (sensu young, 1968) ...201424395576
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