mitochondrial dna diversity and historical biogeography of a wet forest-restricted frog (litoria pearsoniana) from mid-east australia.mtdna sequencing was used to investigate the genetic population structure of litoria pearsoniana, a wet forest-restricted hylid frog, endemic to southeast queensland and northeast new south wales, australia. l. pearsoniana is regarded as endangered under queensland legislation. significant genetic divergence among populations of frogs from different rainforest isolates was identified, but the lack of reciprocal monophyly among adjacent isolates suggests this is the result of a relatively recent ...19989532760
parapolystoma johnstoni n. sp. from litoria nyakalensis (amphibia) in australia and taxonomic considerations on the diplorchiinae (monogenea).parapolystoma johnstoni n. sp. is described from litoria nyakalensis from northern queensland. parapolystoma bulliense is recorded from a new host, litoria pearsoniana. the pattern of the ciliated cell on the oncomiracidium of p. bulliense is described. the subfamily diagnosis of the diplorchiinae is amended to include the species of diplorchis, neodiplorchis, parapolystoma, and pseudodiplorchis.19957707205
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