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description of a presumptive hepatopancreatic reovirus, and a putative gill parvovirus, in the freshwater crayfish cherax quadricarinatus.the redclaw freshwater crayfish cherax quadricarinatus has a reputation for being hardy and resistant to handling stress. however, in recent years, possibly since 1996, c. quadricarinatus farmers in northern queensland have noted a decrease in stress resistance in their stock. a presumptive reovirus in the hepatopancreas, and a putative parvovirus in the gills, were associated with chronic mortalities in c. quadricarinatus at one northern queensland farm. hypertrophic nuclei with marginated chro ...200010918976
a parvo-like virus in cultured redclaw crayfish cherax quadricarinatus from queensland, the summer of 1999/2000, an epizootic occurred in cultured juvenile redclaw crayfish cherax quadricarinatus on one commercial crayfish farm in northern queensland, australia. mortalities occurred over 4 wk, with up to 96% cumulative mortalities in 2 earthen ponds stocked with juveniles. the crayfish were weak, anorexic and lethargic. a transmission trial was conducted, using filtered, cell-free extract prepared from infected crayfish as inoculum. the disease was reproduced, with on-going mort ...200212180708
discovery of a novel picornavirales, chequa iflavirus, from stressed redclaw crayfish (cherax quadricarinatus) from farms in northern queensland, 2014, northern queensland crayfish from farms affected by particularly transportation and translocation stress, started to die with mortality reaching 20-40% after about three weeks and then mortalities subsided. crayfish from 1 farm had 65% mortalities within 11 weeks. with histological examination of broodstock and juveniles, the muscle fibres were fractured with haemocytic infiltration reminiscent of viral infection or vitamin e/selenium deficiencies. sequence dependent and independent pcr ...201728676258
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