the black-tailed antechinus, antechinus arktos sp. nov.: a new species of carnivorous marsupial from montane regions of the tweed volcano caldera, eastern australia.we describe a new species of dasyurid marsupial within the genus antechinus that was previously known as a northern outlier of dusky antechinus (a. swainsonii). the black-tailed antechinus, antechinus arktos sp. nov., is known only from areas of high altitude and high rainfall on the tweed volcano caldera of far south-east queensland and north-east new south wales, australia. antechinus arktos formerly sheltered under the taxonomic umbrella of a. swainsonii mimetes, the widespread mainland form ...201424870890
taxonomy and redescription of the atherton antechinus, antechinus godmani (thomas) (marsupialia: dasyuridae).we provide a taxonomic redescription of the dasyurid marsupial atherton antechinus, antechinus godmani (thomas). a. godmani is only rarely encountered and limited to wet tropical rainforests of north-east queensland, australia, between the towns of cardwell and cairns (a distribution spanning 135 kilometres from north to south). the distinctive species occurs at altitudes of over 600 meters asl, in all major rainforest types, and can be found with both the northern subspecies of the yellow-foote ...201326438953
can remote infrared cameras be used to differentiate small, sympatric mammal species? a case study of the black-tailed dusky antechinus, antechinus arktos and co-occurring small mammals in southeast queensland, australia.the black-tailed dusky antechinus (antechinus arktos) is an endangered, small carnivorous marsupial endemic to australia, which occurs at low population density along with abundant sympatric populations of other small mammals: antechinus stuartii, rattus fuscipes and melomys cervinipes. using a. arktos as a model species, we aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of infrared digital camera traps for detecting and differentiating small mammals and to comment on the broad applicability of this method ...201728792958
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