candidatus bartonella antechini: a novel bartonella species detected in fleas and ticks from the yellow-footed antechinus (antechinus flavipes), an australian marsupial.bartonella are fastidious, gram-negative, aerobic bacilli belonging to the alphaproteobacteria group. in the last ten years, the discovery of new bartonella species from a variety of mammalian hosts, arthropod vectors and geographical areas has increased. more than 20 species of bartonella have been identified, of which approximately thirteen are associated with disease in humans and animals. recently, four novel species of bartonella were isolated from mammalian hosts in australia: bartonella a ...201021215534
Genetic characterization of flea-derived Bartonella species from native animals in Australia suggests host-parasite co-evolution.Fleas are important arthropod vectors for a variety of diseases in veterinary and human medicine, and bacteria belonging to the genus Bartonella are among the organisms most commonly transmitted by these ectoparasites. Recently, a number of novel Bartonella species and novel species candidates have been reported in marsupial fleas in Australia. In the present study the genetic diversity of marsupial fleas was investigated; 10 species of fleas were collected from seven different marsupial and pla ...201121856444
taxonomy and redescription of the yellow-footed antechinus, antechinus flavipes (waterhouse) (marsupialia: dasyuridae).we provide a taxonomic redescription of the ubiquitous and variable dasyurid marsupial yellow-footed antechinus, antechinus flavipes (waterhouse), which comprises three currently recognized subspecies whose combined geographic distribution spans almost the length and breadth of australia. a. flavipes leucogaster gray is confined to south-west western australia; a. flavipes flavipes is distributed in south-eastern australia across four states—south australia, victoria, new south wales and queensl ...201325340194
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