taxonomy and redescription of the atherton antechinus, antechinus godmani (thomas) (marsupialia: dasyuridae).we provide a taxonomic redescription of the dasyurid marsupial atherton antechinus, antechinus godmani (thomas). a. godmani is only rarely encountered and limited to wet tropical rainforests of north-east queensland, australia, between the towns of cardwell and cairns (a distribution spanning 135 kilometres from north to south). the distinctive species occurs at altitudes of over 600 meters asl, in all major rainforest types, and can be found with both the northern subspecies of the yellow-foote ...201326438953
a new dasyurid marsupial from kroombit tops, south-east queensland, australia: the silver-headed antechinus, antechinus argentus sp. nov. (marsupialia: dasyuridae).antechinus argentus sp. nov. is currently only known from the plateau at the eastern escarpment of kroombit tops national park, about 400km nnw of brisbane and 60km ssw of gladstone, south-east queensland, australia. antechinus flavipes (waterhouse) is also known from kroombit tops np, 4.5km w of the nearest known population of a. argentus; a. mysticus baker, mutton and van dyck has yet to be found within kroombit tops, but is known from museum specimens taken at bulburin np, just 40km ese, as w ...201325113476
taxonomy and redescription of the yellow-footed antechinus, antechinus flavipes (waterhouse) (marsupialia: dasyuridae).we provide a taxonomic redescription of the ubiquitous and variable dasyurid marsupial yellow-footed antechinus, antechinus flavipes (waterhouse), which comprises three currently recognized subspecies whose combined geographic distribution spans almost the length and breadth of australia. a. flavipes leucogaster gray is confined to south-west western australia; a. flavipes flavipes is distributed in south-eastern australia across four states—south australia, victoria, new south wales and queensl ...201325340194
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