total polyphenol content and antioxidant capacity of commercially available tea (camellia sinensis) in argentina.tea, camellia sinensis (l.) o. kuntze (theaceae) is cultivated in argentina in the northeastern region (provinces of misiones and corrientes), between 26 degrees and 28 degrees south latitude, the southernmost area of the world where tea is cultivated. the objective of this work was to determine the total polyphenol content and the in vitro antioxidant capacity of green and black tea cultivated and industrialized in argentina. twelve samples of eight brands were analyzed. the total polyphenol co ...200818778031
plants used as food and medicine by polish migrants in misiones, this article we discuss the importance of food plants, both introduced and native, in the pharmacopoeia of the polish community in misiones, argentina. food species constitute a relevant portion of all botanicals used by polish settlers in home therapies (41%), while introduced food species prevail among the continued herbal remedies used by the study group. we explain this pattern of use by food plant availability, their versatility as reflected in the number of medicinal applications, and a ...201525602720
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