surveillance of ticks and associated pathogens in free-ranging formosan pangolins (manis pentadactyla pentadactyla).chinese pangolins are critically endangered insectivorous mammals distributed in several south and southeast asian countries. in recent years, there has been an increase in spread of tick-borne diseases in both humans and animals worldwide. currently, limited information is available on ticks and associated pathogens infesting pangolins. the objective of the present study was to survey ticks and associated pathogens in the formosan pangolin population in southeastern taiwan. free-ranging formosa ...201627426438
molecular and morphological identification of a human biting tick, amblyomma testudinarium (acari: ixodidae), in taiwan.genetic identity and morphological features of a human biting tick, amblyomma testudinarium, were determined for the first time in taiwan. morphological features of adult male and female ticks of am. testudinarium were observed and photographed by a stereo- microscope. the genetic identity was analyzed by comparing the sequences of mitochondrial 16s ribosomal dna gene obtained from 18 strains of ticks representing 10 species of amblyomma, and four outgroup species of dermacentor and rhipicephalu ...201728405839
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