a mosquito survey of the twin-island caribbean nation of saint kitts and nevis, mosquito surveys of saint kitts and nevis (skn) were performed in the dry season (march 16-23, 2010) in saint kitts, and the rainy season (october 18-25, 2010) in skn. biogents (bg) sentinel traps were set with co₂and bg lure in urban, rural, mangrove, and dry forest habitats. mosquitoes were identified to species, and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction was performed on potential vector species for dengue virus (denv), chikungunya virus (chikv), and west nile virus (wnv). the ...201526675458
first record of anopheles albimanus from st kitts.previous mosquito surveys performed in the federation of st kitts and nevis identified anopheles albimanus in nevis but there is no recorded occurrence of this mosquito in st kitts. to determine the presence of this and other species in st kitts and nevis, a mosquito survey was conducted.201122519234
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