scavenging hagfish as a transport host of anisakid nematodes.hagfish are the most primitive craniates and scavengers, feeding on dead organisms as well as fish and invertebrates. hagfish play an important ecological role in recycling nutrients, helping to recycle biomass from the upper water column. we investigated 265 specimens of four hagfish species, including eptatretus burgeri, eptatretus yangi, eptatretus sheni and eptatretus taiwanae from northeastern taiwanese waters of the northwestern pacific from november 2013 to june 2014. eight species of ani ...201626872923
a new species of chondracanthid copepod parasitic in the pharynx of hagfishes (myxiniformes: myxinidae) from off taiwan.a new species of acanthochondria oakley, 1927 (copepoda, poecilostomatoida, chondracanthidae), parasitic in the pharynx of hagfishes eptatretus burgeri (girard), e. sheni (kuo, huang & mok) and e. yangi (teng), from off taiwan is described and illustrated. the new species can be distinguished from its congeners by having the neck region longer than wide (about 2-3 times as long as wide), the moderately long protopod of leg 2 (type e), the endopod of leg 2 as large as exopod, the cephalosome wide ...201424935130
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