chikungunya antibodies detected in non-human primates and rats in three indian ocean islands after the 2006 chikv outbreak.the role of terrestrial vertebrates in the epidemiology of chikungunya disease is poorly understood. we evaluated their exposure and amplification role during the 2006 chikungunya outbreak in the indian ocean. blood samples were collected from 18 mammalian and reptile species from reunion island, mauritius and mayotte. among the 1051 samples serologically tested for chikungunya virus (chikv), two crab-eating macaques (macaca fascicularis) and two ship rats (rattus rattus) proved to be exposed to ...201424885529
rickettsia and bartonella species in fleas from reunion island.rickettsia felis, rickettsia typhi, and bartonella dna was detected by molecular tools in 12% of rattus rattus fleas (xenopsylla species) collected from reunion island. one-third of the infested commensal rodents captured during 1 year carried at least one infected flea. as clinical signs of these zoonoses are non-specific, they are often misdiagnosed.201525646263
influence of risk factors on renal leptospiral load in naturally infected wild black 2009, a survey was conducted in reunion island to determine the renal leptospiral load in black rats trapped in the field. the concentration of leptospires in kidney tissue was calculated using qpcr. our results showed high inter-individual variations of renal bacterial load in naturally infected black rats (mean=8.27 ± 4.72 log-genome copies per mg kidney tissue). the objective of this study was to model the renal leptospiral load in 50 naturally infected black rats as a function of sex, age ...201323220230
fleas of small mammals on reunion island: diversity, distribution and epidemiological consequences.the diversity and geographical distribution of fleas parasitizing small mammals have been poorly investigated on indian ocean islands with the exception of madagascar where endemic plague has stimulated extensive research on these arthropod vectors. in the context of an emerging flea-borne murine typhus outbreak that occurred recently in reunion island, we explored fleas' diversity, distribution and host specificity on reunion island. small mammal hosts belonging to five introduced species were ...201425188026
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