multiple factors affect socioeconomics and wellbeing of artisanal sea cucumber fishers.small-scale fisheries are important to livelihoods and subsistence seafood consumption of millions of fishers. sea cucumbers are fished worldwide for export to asia, yet few studies have assessed factors affecting socioeconomics and wellbeing among fishers. we interviewed 476 men and women sea cucumber fishers at multiple villages within multiple locations in fiji, kiribati, tonga and new caledonia using structured questionnaires. low rates of subsistence consumption confirmed a primary role of ...201627930649
modulation of habitat-based conservation plans by fishery opportunity costs: a new caledonia case study using fine-scale catch data.numerous threats impact coral reefs and conservation actions are urgently needed. fast production of marine habitat maps promotes the use of habitat-only conservation plans, where a given percentage of the area of each habitat is set as conservation objectives. however, marine reserves can impact access to fishing grounds and generate opportunity costs for fishers that need to be minimized. in new caledonia (southwest pacific), we used fine-scale fishery catch maps to define nineteen opportunity ...201424835216
small-scale habitat structure modulates the effects of no-take marine reserves for coral reef marine reserves are one of the oldest and most versatile tools used across the pacific for the conservation of reef resources, in particular for invertebrates traditionally targeted by local fishers. assessing their actual efficiency is still a challenge in complex ecosystems such as coral reefs, where reserve effects are likely to be obscured by high levels of environmental variability. the goal of this study was to investigate the potential interference of small-scale habitat structure ...201323554965
geographical aspects of informal reef fishery systems in new caledonia.the coral reefs in new caledonia have long been used by the local population for subsistence as well as commercial and recreational purposes. the impact of informal fisheries on reef ecosystems illustrated the idiosyncrasies of new caledonian fisheries in the southwest pacific. this paper compared informal fishery systems on the southwest coast (close to the capital and economic center of the country) and the northwest coast (where an industrial mining complex has been under development) of new ...201020667555
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