a contribution to the systematics of australasian tanytarsini (diptera: chironomidae): first descriptions from new caledonia.first specific records of chironomids of the tribe tanytarsini from new caledonia based on detailed descriptions of new species are presented. cladotanytarsus (cladotanytarsus) stylifer sp. nov. and its closest relatives, i.a. cladotanytarsus (c.) isigacedeus (sasa et suzuki, 2000), comb. nov., known from males bearing extraordinarily elongate hypopygial anal points are diagnosed. paratanytarsus mirificus sp. nov. is described as adult male with unique structure of its hypopygium and shortened a ...201526249942
new data on dracunculoid nematodes from fishes off new caledonia, including four new species of philometra (philometridae) and ichthyofilaria (guyanemidae).recent examinations of newly obtained materials of dracunculoid nematodes (dracunculoidea) parasitizing marine fishes off new caledonia, south pacific, revealed the presence of several nematodes of the genera philometra costa, 1845 (philometridae) and ichthyofilaria yamaguti, 1935 (guyanemidae), including the following four new species: philometra priacanthi sp. n. (males) from the gonads of priacanthus hamrur (forsskål) (priacanthidae), philometra tenuicauda sp. n. (male and mature and gravid f ...200919606788
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