did tool-use evolve with enhanced physical cognitive abilities?the use and manufacture of tools have been considered to be cognitively demanding and thus a possible driving factor in the evolution of intelligence. in this study, we tested the hypothesis that enhanced physical cognitive abilities evolved in conjunction with the use of tools, by comparing the performance of naturally tool-using and non-tool-using species in a suite of physical and general learning tasks. we predicted that the habitually tool-using species, new caledonian crows and galápagos w ...201324101628
extraordinary large brains in tool-using new caledonian crows (corvus moneduloides).a general correlation exists between brain weight and higher cognitive ability in birds and mammals. in birds this relationship is especially evident in corvids. these animals are well-known for their flexible behavior and problem-solving abilities, and have relatively large brains associated with a pallial enlargement. at the behavioral level, new caledonian crows stand out amongst corvids because of their impressive object manipulation skills both in the wild and in the laboratory. however, no ...200818262356
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