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coronaviruses in bent-winged bats (miniopterus spp.).a novel group 1 coronavirus was previously identified in bent-winged bats (miniopterus spp.). here, results are described from our ongoing surveillance of these bats for coronaviruses. these findings show that group 1 coronaviruses are endemic in these bat populations in hong kong. genetic analysis of these viruses indicates that there are at least four different, but closely related, group 1 coronaviruses (bat-cov 1a, 1b, hku7 and hku8) circulating in bent-winged bats. phylogenetic analysis rev ...200616894183
genomic characterizations of bat coronaviruses (1a, 1b and hku8) and evidence for co-infections in miniopterus bats.we previously reported the detection of bat coronaviruses (bat covs 1a, 1b, hku7, hku8 and bat-severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus) in miniopterus spp. that cohabit a cave in hong kong. here, we report the full genomic sequences of bat covs 1a, 1b and hku8. bat covs 1a and 1b, which are commonly found in the miniopterus, are phylogenetically closely related. using species-specific rt-pcr assays, bat covs 1a and 1b were confirmed to have distinct host specificities to miniopterus magnat ...200818420807
novel astroviruses in insectivorous bats.bats are increasingly recognized to harbor a wide range of viruses, and in most instances these viruses appear to establish long-term persistence in these animals. they are the reservoir of a number of human zoonotic diseases including nipah, ebola, and severe acute respiratory syndrome. we report the identification of novel groups of astroviruses in apparently healthy insectivorous bats found in hong kong, in particular, bats belonging to the genera miniopterus and myotis. astroviruses are impo ...200818550669
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