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exposure to polybrominated diphenyl ethers associated with consumption of marine and freshwater fish in hong kong.concentrations of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (pbdes) in market fish have not previously been reported in hong kong. axial and ventral muscles from 10 each common species of freshwater and marine fish purchased from markets in hong kong were analyzed for 22 pbdes. among the 10 freshwater fish species, spotted snakehead (channa maculate) contained the highest level of pbdes in ventral muscle (130 ng g(-1) wet wt.). for marine fish, bigeye (priacanthus macracanthus) showed significantly higher ...200817804034
the measurement of bisphenol a and its analogues, perfluorinated compounds in twenty species of freshwater and marine fishes, a time-trend comparison and human health based assessment.our previous study in 2011 reported the detection of bpa and pfaas in 20 species of marine and freshwater fishes. with an emerging evidence to suggest the metabolic-disrupting effects of bpa/pfaas in animals, the present study was aimed to provide a time-trend analysis to determine the current concentrations of pfaas and bpa in 20 commercially available hong kong species of fishes. since the manufacture and use of bpa is being prohibited in most nations, the introduction of bpa alternatives has ...201728552249
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