public health and chronic low chlordecone exposures in guadeloupe; part 2: health impacts, and benefits of prevention.inhabitants of guadeloupe are chronically exposed to low doses of chlordecone via local food due to its past use in banana plantations. the corresponding health impacts have not been quantified. we develop a quantitative method and present the results in two articles: 1. hazard identification, exposure-response functions, and exposure, 2. health impacts, and benefits of a program to reduce the exposure of the population. here is the second article.201627430869
use of genotyping based clustering to quantify recent tuberculosis transmission in guadeloupe during a seven years period: analysis of risk factors and access to health care.the present study aimed to characterize mycobacterium tuberculosis population structure and to identify transmission chains and risk factors by prospective molecular typing in conjunction with conventional epidemiological investigations in the french overseas department of guadeloupe.201323914829
survey of naegleria fowleri in geothermal recreational waters of guadeloupe (french west indies).in 2008 a fatal case of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, due to the amoeboflagellate naegleria fowleri, occurred in guadeloupe, french west indies, after a child swam in a bath fed with geothermal water. in order to improve the knowledge on free-living amoebae in this tropical part of france, we investigated on a monthly basis, the presence of naegleria spp. in the recreational baths, and stream waters which feed them. a total of 73 water samples, 48 sediments and 54 swabs samples were colle ...201323349880
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