prevalence, serovars and antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonella spp. from wild and domestic green iguanas (iguana iguana) in grenada, west indies.cloacal swabs from 62 green iguanas (iguana iguana), including 47 wild and 15 domestic ones from five parishes of grenada, were sampled during a 4-month period of january to april 2013 and examined by enrichment and selective culture for the presence of salmonella spp. fifty-five per cent of the animals were positive, and eight serovars of salmonella were isolated. the most common serovar was rubislaw (58.8%), a serovar found recently in many cane toads in grenada, followed by oranienburg (14.7% ...201424325463
survey of helminths, ectoparasites, and chytrid fungus of an introduced population of cane toads, rhinella marina (anura: bufonidae), from grenada, west hundred specimens of rhinella marina , (anura: bufonidae) collected in st. george's parish, grenada, from september 2010 to august 2011, were examined for the presence of ectoparasites and helminths. ninety-five (95%) were parasitized by 1 or more parasite species. nine species of parasites were found: 1 digenean, 2 acanthocephalans, 4 nematodes, 1 arthropod and 1 pentastome. the endoparasites represented 98.9% of the total number of parasite specimens collected. grenada represents a new loc ...201424960037
new species of parapharyngodon (nematoda: pharyngodonidae) in rhinella marina (anura: bufonidae) from grenada, west indies.parapharyngodon grenadaensis n. sp. (nematoda: pharyngodonidae) from the large intestine of the cane toad, rhinella marina, is described and illustrated. parapharyngodon grenadaensis n. sp. is the 48th species assigned to the genus and the 16th species from the neotropical region. it differs from other species in the genus by possessing 4 pairs of caudal papillae, an echinate anterior cloacal lip, and a blunt spicule of 67-104 μm. this is only the second report of r. marina harboring a species o ...201323106786
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