discovery of hantavirus circulating among rattus rattus in french mayotte island, indian ocean.hantaviruses are emerging zoonotic viruses that cause human diseases. in this study, sera from 642 mammals from la réunion and mayotte islands (indian ocean) were screened for the presence of hantaviruses by molecular analysis. none of the mammals from la réunion island was positive, but hantavirus genomic rna was discovered in 29/160 (18‚ÄČ%) rattus rattus from mayotte island. the nucleoprotein coding region was sequenced from the liver and spleen of all positive individuals allowing epidemiologi ...201626932442
chikungunya antibodies detected in non-human primates and rats in three indian ocean islands after the 2006 chikv outbreak.the role of terrestrial vertebrates in the epidemiology of chikungunya disease is poorly understood. we evaluated their exposure and amplification role during the 2006 chikungunya outbreak in the indian ocean. blood samples were collected from 18 mammalian and reptile species from reunion island, mauritius and mayotte. among the 1051 samples serologically tested for chikungunya virus (chikv), two crab-eating macaques (macaca fascicularis) and two ship rats (rattus rattus) proved to be exposed to ...201424885529
identification of tenrec ecaudatus, a wild mammal introduced to mayotte island, as a reservoir of the newly identified human pathogenic leptospira mayottensis.leptospirosis is a bacterial zoonosis of major concern on tropical islands. human populations on western indian ocean islands are strongly affected by the disease although each archipelago shows contrasting epidemiology. for instance, mayotte, part of the comoros archipelago, differs from the other neighbouring islands by a high diversity of leptospira species infecting humans that includes leptospira mayottensis, a species thought to be unique to this island. using bacterial culture, molecular ...201627574792
similarities in leptospira serogroup and species distribution in animals and humans in the indian ocean island of mayotte.our objective was to identify local animal reservoirs of leptospirosis to explain the unusual features of leptospira strains recently described among patients on the island of mayotte. by means of a microscopic agglutination test using local clinical isolates, we found that 11.2% of black rats were seropositive to leptospira, whereas 10.2% of flying foxes, 2% of lemurs, 93.1% of domestic dogs, and 87.5% of stray dogs were seropositive. as observed in humans, mini was the main serogroup circulati ...201222764304
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