surveillance of leptospiral carriage by feral rats in barbados.rodents, particularly rats, are widely held to be the source of most human cases of leptospirosis. feral rats were trapped at sites throughout barbados during two six month surveys: from october to march 1986/87 and from october to march 1994/95. during the first survey, 63 rats were trapped, of which 26 (41%) were identified as rattus rattus and 37 (59%) as rattus norvegicus. in the second study, 100 rats were trapped, of which r. rattus comprised 24% (24) and r. norvegicus 76% (76). cultures o ...19989619090
leptospira fort-bragg isolated from a rat in barbados.leptospira fort-bragg was isolated from the kidney tissue of a rat (rattus rattus) trapped on a plantation in st. philip parish, barbados. this constitutes the first reported isolation of this autumnalis group serotype outside of the united states and its first known isolation from an animal species. serologic evidence is presented which indicates that this serotype may be the cause of leptospiral infections in barbadian cattle.19751212536
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