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trade-offs among catch, bycatch, and landed value in the american samoa longline fishery.the interspecific preferences of fishes for different depths and habitats suggest fishers could avoid unwanted catches of some species while still effectively targeting other species. in pelagic longline fisheries, albacore (thunnus alalunga) are often caught in relatively cooler, deeper water (>100 m) than many species of conservation concern (e.g., sea turtles, billfishes, and some sharks) that are caught in shallower water (<100 m). from 2007 to 2011, we examined the depth distributions of ho ...201424628499
arsenic speciation in marine fish and shellfish from american samoa.we speciated arsenic compounds in marine fish and shellfish from two islands of the united states territory of american samoa in the south pacific, and found that inorganic arsenic occurred as a minor fraction. the proportion of inorganic arsenic was generally far below the levels of prevailing assumptions typically used in human health risk assessments when only total arsenic is analysed. fish and shellfish were collected from tutuila and ofu between may 2001 and march 2002 (n=383 individual sp ...200818023847
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