redescription of trichodina kamchatika konovalov, shevlyakov et krasin, 1970 (ciliophora: peritrichida) from the brook trout (salvelinus fontinalis) of eastern canada.trichodina kamchatika konovalov, shevlyakov et krasin, 1970 is redescribed based on specimens obtained from the gills and body surface of brook trout (salvelinus fontinalis) from nova scotia and quebec, canada and its taxonomic history briefly reviewed. this is the first report of t. kamchatika from north america.19948050753
local patchiness of gyrodactylus colemanensis and g. salmonis parasitizing salmonids in the south river watershed, nova scotia, canada.prevalence and intensity of gyrodactylus colemanensis and g. salmonis (monogenea) parasitizing juvenile/adult brook trout salvelinus fontinalis, rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss, brown trout salmo trutta, and atlantic salmon salmo salar at 3 localities over an 8 km stretch in the south river, nova scotia, canada, were calculated 4 times over a 9 mo period (october 2009, december 2009, march 2010, june 2010). g. colemanensis was on all 4 salmonids (endemic and non-endemic), while g. salmonis par ...201122013753
timing of appearance of gyrodactylus colemanensis (monogenea) on young-of-the-year salvelinus fontinalis in a nova scotia stream and contribution of these infections to total parasite standing crop.young-of-the-year (yoy) brook trout (salvelinus fontinalis) were collected at 2 wk intervals (15 april to 4 june 2012) after emergence from redds and occurrence of the ectoparasite gyrodactylus colemanensis (monogenea) recorded. emergent yoy were not infected. infected trout (14%) first appeared 15 may, with host age estimated to be 4 wk or less post-emergence. prevalence and intensity increased over the study period and reached, respectively, 93% and 8.2 ± 6.1 by 4 june. prevalence and intensit ...201323368772
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