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molecular detection and characterization of nodavirus in several marine fish species from the northeastern atlantic.nodaviruses (nnv) are responsible for causing disease outbreaks mainly in hatchery-reared larvae and juveniles of a wide variety of fishes throughout the world. this disease has seriously limited the culture of marine fishes over the last decade. in the atlantic provinces of canada, disease caused by a nodavirus was first reported in juvenile atlantic cod being reared in nova scotia, in 1999. more recently, disease outbreaks caused by nodavirus have been identified in hatchery-reared atlantic co ...200415672873
influence of benthic macrofauna as a spatial structuring agent for juvenile haddock (melanogrammus aeglefinus) on the eastern scotian shelf, atlantic canada.we examined the habitat of juvenile haddock on the eastern scotian shelf (off nova scotia, canada) in relation to grab-sampled benthic macrofaunal invertebrate species assemblages in order to determine whether there were significant differences in benthic macrofauna between areas of historically persistent high and low juvenile haddock abundance. our analyses were conducted over two spatial scales in each of two years: among banks (emerald, western and sable island), approximately 60 km distant ...201627649419
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