occurrence of loma cf. salmonae in brook, brown and rainbow trout from buford trout hatchery, georgia, usa.during a 6 mo study of moribund trout from buford hatchery, buford, georgia, usa, a loma cf. salmonae microsporidian parasite was studied in the gills of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis, brown trout salmo trutta, and rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss. this parasite was morphologically similar to l. salmonae and l. fontinalis but differed in spore size. scanning and transmission electron microscopy demonstrated that xenomas were embedded in gill filaments. transmission electron micrographs prep ...19989891735
risks to biodiversity from hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in the marcellus and utica shales.high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing (hvhhf) for mining natural gas from the marcellus and utica shales is widespread in pennsylvania and potentially throughout approximately 280,000 km(2) of the appalachian basin. physical and chemical impacts of hvhhf include pollution by toxic synthetic chemicals, salt, and radionuclides, landscape fragmentation by wellpads, pipelines, and roads, alteration of stream and wetland hydrology, and increased truck traffic. despite concerns about human healt ...201323701448
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