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establishment of baseline haematology and biochemistry parameters in wild adult african penguins (spheniscus demersus).there are few publications on the clinical haematology and biochemistry of african penguins (spheniscus demersus) and these are based on captive populations. baseline haematology and serum biochemistry parameters were analysed from 108 blood samples from wild, adult african penguins. samples were collected from the breeding range of the african penguin in south africa and the results were compared between breeding region and sex. the haematological parameters that were measured were: haematocrit ...201526016391
Novel relapsing fever Borrelia detected in African penguins (Spheniscus demersus) admitted to two rehabilitation centers in South Africa.The African penguin, Spheniscus demersus, the only penguin species that breeds in Africa, is endangered, and several diseases including avian malaria, babesiosis, and aspergillosis are common in some populations. From 2002 to 2010, spirochetes morphologically consistent with Borrelia were observed on thin blood smears from 115 of 8,343 (1.4%) African penguins admitted to rehabilitation centers in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa. Prevalence rates were significantly hig ...201121870246
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