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tough beginnings on galapagos, baby blue footed booby. 201525758758
comparative ectoparasite loads of five seabird species in the galapagos this paper we describe the ectoparasitic lice (insecta: phthiraptera) found on 5 species of seabirds (magnificent frigatebird fregata magnificens; great frigatebird fregata minor ; nazca booby sula granti ; blue-footed booby sula nebouxii ; and red-footed booby sula sula ) on the galapagos archipelago. we found 9 species of ectoparasitic lice: 5 species of pectinopygus ischnocerans, 1 infesting each host; 2 species of colpocephalum amblyceran lice, 1 on each frigatebird species; and 2 shared ...201424911632
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